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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
Iranians celebration of 33rd anniversary of Islamic Revolution by: Gemma

On February 11, 2012, millions of Iranians (in more than 1000 Iranian cities and towns as well as 5,000 villages across the country) staged massive rallies to mark the anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution:

People shouted: "Down with America(the Govt.)", "Down with England(the Govt.)", "Down with Israel", "So many people have come to show obidience to the Supreme Leader", "The blood in our vessels is a gift to our Supreme Leader", "If one day our Supreme Leader orders us to fight, the whole world's Millitary can't hinder us....", etc.

pic source: http://fahmidehayfars.blogfa.com/

photo by: Abolfazl Mahrokh


Mr.Ahmadinejad among the demonstrators

 Pics' source:Hamshahri Newspaper and presstv


Also President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech at Azadi Square.... 



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Iran's Supreme Leader: 'ME nations battling Zionist autocracy' by: Gemma
In the meeting with foreign guests participating in the "Islamic Awakening and Youth Conference" in Tehran, Iran's Supreme Leader, Imam Khamenei said: uprisings in the Middle East region are part of the battle against Zionist autocracy in the world.

He said: the Zionists, US, and Western powers feel weak in the face of Islamic Awakening and “this feeling of weakness and defeat will grow by the day.”

The Leader said humanity is standing at a critical juncture and is on the verge of a “grand development.”

“Humanity has passed all material and ideological schools such as Marxism, Liberal Democracy and Secular Nationalism and is at the beginning of a new era.”

He further urged the revolutionary youths to vigilantly guard the fruit of their efforts and not allow arrogant powers to “hijack” and “derail” their revolutions.

The Leader stressed that despite social, historical and geographical differences, Muslim nations are “everyone is against the satanic US and Israeli dominance and cannot tolerate the cancerous tumor of Israel.”

Here is the video of the whole speech:



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International Islamic Awakening and Youths Conference by: Gemma

International "Islamic Awakening and Youths" Conference is being held in Iran. Nearly 1,200 young participants from 73 countries are in Iran to attend the two-day international conference in Tehran.
The role of the youth in the wave of the Islamic Awakening which has swept through the Middle East and North Africa since early 2011 will be discussed at the conference.

In his opening speech at this conference, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the hegemonic powers of the world installed the Israeli regime in the Middle East in a “historical scheme” to gain control over the region: “Why did they install the Zionist regime (Israel)? To gain control over oil, as well as the popular and revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East. It is clear that this was a historical scheme.”
Ahmadinejad warned the regional countries against the West's plots to sow discord in the Middle East in order to save Israel. He added that the West intends to cause religious and ethnic rifts in a certain country by using other regional states.

Ahmadinejad denounced the West's claim of advocating democracy and justice and added that the Western capitalism is on the verge of collapse, and that the world should find an alternative system that guarantees amity and justice.

The picture is related to the Iranian's rallies to mark the anniversary of Iran Revolution's Victory


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