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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
Some examples of propaganda against Iran; and Dr.Ahmadinejad's response to them by: Gemma

Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran is gonna build Nukes!!!

Dr.Ahmadinejad: We have announced that we do not want (nuclear) bombs and also declared that if we want (bombs), we have no fear of anyone to state. Iran has repeatedly announced that it has no intention to build atomic weapons.

In addition, the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) has conducted numerous inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, but has never found any evidence indicating that Iran's civilian nuclear program has been diverted towards military purposes.


Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran is a threat to regional and European countries!!! (Actually such terribly false news always makes me wonder whether to laugh or to be surprised!)

Dr.Ahmadinejad dismissed such claims saying accusations leveled against the country that it seeks to hit Russia or Europe with missiles are sheer lies. “We do not need that and are friend with Russia,” he pointed out.


Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran may want to attack that cancer-like regime (I don't even want to mention its name)....

 It's true that Mr.Ahmadinejad (and all Iranians) keep saying "Israel must vanish from the page of time". But unllike what some people around the world may think, Iran is not gonna attack Israelسبز (at least, things are not gonna be the way they think). Mr.Ahmadinejad has announced that it doesn't mean we are gonna invade there, but the situation in the region is going forward wiping Israel off from the map. People of the world are becoming awake and Israelسبز has no more chance to deforce more countries and continue the previous oppressions to the other countries. Mr.Ahmadinejad (like the other Muslims) IS SURE that the time for annihilation of Israel is so near....

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Awakening world-wide process by: Gemma

As it is said before: (http://forthetimebeing.persianblog.ir/post/15/), people's awakening is not limitted to the Middle Eat; it is going to reach to Europe and finally become world-wide.... What you can see in some European countries now, is just the beginnig of the story. It is going to become more extended and gradually turn to uprising against the zionists....


Demonstrations against the zionist regime and its oppressions is not new in the Middle-Eastern countries. The people of Middle East has become awake before...; now it's time for Europeans (and even Americans) to become awake to the facts and the world's main problem: the zionist regime. Maybe some people can't percieve it right now, but in the near future, you will see uprisings in Europe against zionists and their governments which are like a slave for this cancer-like regime....


Awakening process:

- Iran (Islamic revolution in 1979)

- Tunisia, Egypt

- Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, etc.

- Europe



 And finally:


 Be Sure about it....


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America's government and "Human Rights"? by: Gemma

After so many people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the wars for some fake stories made by America's government (what happenned on 9/11 wan an inside job to have an excuse for occupying some countries), now you can see NATO and especially the US government in Libya causing so many people killed and their country be destroyed. And America's intervention in Yemen,pakistan, etc. is the same story....

But Bahrain is a different case. Because even if there are some naive people around the world believing America's excuses in the other cases, how are they gonna justify America's support of the tyrant government of Bahrain? Wise people knew this profit seeking government before, but now even naive people can make sure that the US government is just seeking its own benefits.... 

The US government (which its shout on "Human Rights" has deafened the ear of the world) clearly annouced that it is supporting Bahrain's government which is killing its own people and doing so many crimes and violations towards them....




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Strong censorship in the US media about Bahrain's situation by: Gemma

America is a country in which many important news broadcasted about the world' events are false or censored. The US media has censored and continue to censor some news which if are understood by Americans, would be dangerous for the US government.... Like real news about Iran, Syria, Bahrain (these 3 cases are trerribly censored or showed upside-down)....

The US media has kept silent about crimes happening in Bahrain which is being done by the tyrant government of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia's government, and being supported clearly by the US government....

See here:




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Gaza freedom flotilla stuck in Greece by: Gemma

More inforamation:




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What does Mr.Ahmadinejad say about holocaust? by: Gemma

Some people around the world keep saying Mr.Ahmadinejad has said holocaust never happened. I wonder where they get such false information?! I have to say that he didn't say it exactly; Mr.Ahmadinejad's saying is: "1- If holocaust happened in Europe, why should Palestinians!!! become refugees? 2- why don't they even let the researchers to study and search about it and do researches to find the facts about holocaust?"

But it seems like these two simple questions have scared them a lot as they haven't answered them so far. What are they so afraid of?....

Iran's president says: "Zionism blocks research on the Holocaust. The zionists don't allow anyone to freely discuss the historical events that happened. What I am saying is let more research be done...."

He says: "There is a claim about the extent of the calamity. There are people who agree with it and people who disagree. Some totally deny and some completely agree with the whole given account. What we are saying is that an impartial group should be formed to conduct an independent study on the extent of the calamity."
He also says: "Western powers used the holocaust to oppress other nations...."

On several occasions, Mr.Ahmadinejad called for a historical research to find realities about the Holocaust. His remarks have sparked outrage among the Western powers, which labeled him as a holocaust denier.


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The role of the US government in the Middle East by: Gemma

I think there's no need to explain about the goal of America's government being in the middle east. Every wise person knows the US government is just seeking its own benefits there, no matter what happens to the people of those countries. In Libya, thier intervention made the situation more complicated for Libyans who has started their revolution against Gaddafi. People of countries like Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. have announced several times that they don't want America's so-called Help!!! (read Interference)....








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The US government and the New Middle East by: Gemma

* Obviously the flag is the symbol of the US Government, NOT the people








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The role of Saudi Arabia and the US governments in Bahrain by: Gemma

Why nobody does something to prevent the US government from supporting Saudi Arabia which is sending its soldiers to Bahrain to do such terrible things with innocent Bahraini people?


Everybody knows that Saudi Arabia's government does nothing without the permission of the US government.


Where are Human Rights Supporters? Where are their good slogans? Where are their fake claims?
What is the UN doing? I mean the organization which is supposed to belong to all the countries of the world; and now is just a useless puppet under control of some special countries?

The UN resolutions


See some photos here:



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The role of NATO against Gaddafi in Libya by: Gemma

 NATO confirms strike hit wrong target!!!!!!!!!!!!!, killing Libyan civilians


 Obviously the flag is the symbol of the US Government, not the people....



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Facts about Syria's current situation by: Gemma

I'm writing this because I know some people in some countries are so affected by fake stories and propaganda spread by their countries' media.
The nature of developments in Syria is quite different from events in other regional countries like Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia.
In these countries, people want a real Islamic system and the uprisings are against dictatorship.... But in Syria, it's just a chaos directed by Syria's enemies and not the majority of people involved in it. You can see the hands of the US government and the zionist regime behind the so-called protests. They are attempting to incite trouble and disorder by making efforts to simulate in Syria the uprisings that took place in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya.
America's governemnt and the zionists are the enemy of Syria's government and does everything to reach their own benefits...Because Syria is the frontline state in the resistance against the 'Zionist regime.
So don't be deceived by what some media may say....

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The US government's true face about crimes in Bahrain by: Gemma
After keeping silent about crimes happening in Bahrain for a while, now the US government is showing its true face towards Bahrain issues. As it was obvious before, the US government is suporting terrible actions of Bahran's tyrant government and Saudi Arabia's government there:


In addition to attacking homes, and killing men and abusing women at their own homes, the tyrant government of Bahrain has sent many innocent women (nurses, doctors, teachers, university students, etc.) to prison and there are some news and evidence that they are tortured badly and abused…. And now you can see the US government (which its shout on "Human Rights" has deafened the ear of the world, is supporting these violations in Bahrain, seeking its own benefits....

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Iran's anti-terrorism conference by: Gemma

There was a two-day International Conference in Tehran recently and one of the main issues in this conferece was an important one: To introduce real meaning of terrorism and real terrorists of the world....
I myself wonder how some people in some countries are so affected by some kinds of sayings which are trying to show everything upside-down; It's obvious who is the real terrorist (The zionist regime and the US government), but how they have made this obvious issue so convoluted for some people that some naive people (which are not many) think these real terrorists are against terrorism (Just look at so many terrors they have done around the world so far).... How somebody can be so naive to beileve their rediculous claims...?

'Blind terrorism begotten by US, UK'

Leader: US intl. status weakening

Ahmadinejad calls US bluff on counter-terrorism

the US government is searching for the terrorists!!!


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Iran's peaceful Nuclear Program by: Gemma

I just wonder why some people still have questions about Iran's Nuclear Program while every thing is so clear about it.

- Iran is not gonna have Nuclear Weapons even if all the counties of the world say it is permissible. Because Iranian people have a Supreme Leader whose orders are really important to them and both people and the government never disobey what he says. Because his sayings are according to Islam (the only thing that is important to Iraninans...). And Supreme Leader of Iran has announced that Use of Nuclear Weapons is Haram (forbidden).

- Any wise person would laugh (to such childish claims) as Israel and America themselves have nuclear weapons..., and always talk about Iran while Iran has allowed the UN nuclear agents to visit nuclear facilities in Iran and everybody announced there is no problem with that.

- Plus what has been explained before....

They are just some simple facts every wise person can get quickly; and I know many people (Even in America! where the news are false or cesored) can easly accept it. The fact is that you may be able to wake up a person who is asleep, but how can you wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep and himself doesn't want to open his eyes?....

'West intent on impeding Iran progress'






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