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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
Why didn't NATO forces want Gaddafi alive by: Gemma

Why would they want him dead?
To the NATO forces, a dead Gaddafi would be better than a living one indeed.
Libyans liked Gaddafi to be arrested alive to be tried in court to answer many questions about oppressions he has done during the past 42 years [As much as I know, some Libyan revolutionaries themselves said in some interviews that they wanted Gaddafi to be arrested alive... (like people of Egypt and Tunisia who wanted the dictators to be tried in courts...) unless they have changed their mind about it!....] But what would be bad for NATO members if it happned?
It seems like the fact is Gaddafi could reveal many things about them they didn't like their own people to be aware of.... (like many ties and good realtions they had with Gaddafi and many other more important things they had done before playing the role of a kind mother to the Libyan people....) Both things they did (supporting Gaddafi before and so-called supporting the revolutionaries now) were for one single goal: Libya's Oil....

Revolutionaries should be so careful of their revolution not to be confiscated by those who has done (and continue to do) anything to have Libya's Oil....


More Information:



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Bahrain's Islamic Revolution by: Gemma






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submission of Western leaders to Zionism is the main problem of western nations by: Gemma

'Saudi plot, diversion from US protests':

The Supreme Leader of Iran: "The US had created the recent hype (Washington's accusations regarding Iran's alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador, with help from a suspected member of a Mexican drug cartel) to overshadow the spread of the Occupy Wall Street protests in its cities. The people of at least 80 countries have supported this advancing movement, and this is very bitter and difficult for US authorities".

Occupy Wall Street Movement will not stop:

Ayatollah Khamenei also touched upon US efforts to crackdown on the protests, saying, “They (the US administration) might suppress the movement with [the aid of] police forces and the army, but it will not be over.”

The End of Capitalism in the west:

The Leader said the real source of the problems of Western nations is the submission of Western leaders to Zionism. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said the day that Western nations realize this Zionist influence, “the flames of their wrath will scorch the arrogant [powers'] capitalism and turn it to ash.”


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The old story of US continuous declarations of war on Iran by: Gemma

Be sure the US Government can do nothing to Iran. They just wanna talk about it, but themselves know that they can't invade Iran unleess they are in a hurry for their annihilation....
I wonder how some Americans believe such sayings. Maybe because they have experienced many wars with other countries and think maybe this time it's Iran's turn.... But the fact is Iran is a diffrernt country (not like the other ones the US Government invaded....)
As Iran's Supreme Leader said (to the US Government): "Any anti-Iran move would receive a strong response from Iran. If US authorities are harboring certain fantasies they should know that inappropriate moves, whether political or security in nature, will receive a decisive response from the Iranian nation...."


(Additional information: As much as I know, there will be a war between Iran and its enemies in the future, but not now....)


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US Government's continuous sanctions against Iran make Iran more self-sufficient by: Gemma

Pic Source: http://www.sikhoonak.com/


The US Government should be aware that this old method doesn't work....

Why don't Iran's enemies learn lessons from their past mistakes?


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Wall Street protests and "Human Rights"! by: Gemma

After learning about what the US Government means by "Human Rights" in foreign policies, these days you can see "Human Rights" and "Freedom of Speech" inside America:



 pics' source: presstv.ir

And many other worse pictures I couldn't put here because I became very angry seeing them.... Aren't they Humans?! I knew the American police doesn't care about Human Dignity (and I always felt sorry and worried about those who are in prisons in America) but I had never seen it before....

The police is using too much violence and should be ashamed of the way they traet to the protesters.... Even if they were bad people, they are Humans. Don't they know anything about Human Rights?!!!

Where is "Freedom of Speech"?.... If Americans demonstrate against the government, the police can use violence and arrest the protesters.... But if it happens in some other countries (even if it's not as bad as what the police is doing in America), the US government's shout on "Human Rights" deafens the ear of the world....



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Iranians would die for their Supreme Leader.... by: Gemma

The realationship between Iranian people and the Supreme leader is summarized in one word: Love

The pictures below, are related to the Supreme Leader's trip to one of western provinces of Iran named Kermanshah.... Such a welcome always happens in all his trips to different parts of Iran....

People have been waiting for his arrival scince early in the morning....



And this is when he arrives:






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Iran's Supreme leader: The capitalist system will completly collapse .... by: Gemma

Iran's Supreme Leader: "The capitalist system in the West and the United States will completely collapse in the future"

In an address to the overwhelmingly huge crowds of enthusiastic people in Iran's western province of Kermanshah, the Leader highlighted the significance of the continuing “Occupy Wall Street” protest rallies in the United States, saying: "This movement is very important. Although American politicians are trying to present the movement as insignificant, the corruption of capitalism has become clear to the people. Of course this movement might be suppressed, but they cannot destroy the roots of the movement."

He continued: "US officials, who claim to advocate the freedom of expression, made efforts to downplay the protests, and kept silent on the issue even 2 to 3 weeks after the eruption of the protests."

"The corrupted capitalist system shows no mercy to any nation, including the American people. In the thousand-strong New York demonstrations, people use the slogan "We are the 99 percent" which means that the remaining one percent is condemned. The one percent of the American population waged the war in Iraq, and they are the ones who support the Israeli regime. They are making every effort to save Israel and keep the “cancerous tumor” alive in the region."

The Leader denounced the heavy-handed treatment of the demonstrators by US officials, saying such a treatment is not seen even in underdeveloped countries with dictatorial regimes.

"Today, the capitalist system in the US and the West has reached a total impasse", Ayatollah Khamenei concluded.

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Iran's Conference on Palestinian Intifada by: Gemma

Palestinians are not searching for somewhere to live, they want their OWN country which is their clear right.


The 5th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada has opened in the Iranian capital of Tehran, aiming to call enough attention to the issue of Palestine. The conference has chosen “Palestine, Homeland of Palestinians” as its motto.

During his speech, Supreme Leader of Iran strongly criticized US President Barack Obama for setting Israel's security as his red line, and said (the concept, not the exact words): "The US president says that Israel's security is his red line. Be aware that what has drawn this red line is not the interests of the American nation, it's Obama's need for the money and support of Zionist companies to secure his second term as the US president.

Be sure this red line drawn by Obama and people like him will be crossed by Muslim nations that have risen up...."

He rejected any plan seeking to split Palestine and called for the liberation of ALL lands belonging to Palestinians. He added any plan has to be based on the principle of "the whole Palestine for all Palestinians."

He also said "Iran's proposal for the resolution of the Palestinian issue was a “clear and logical plan and in accordance with the political conventions accepted by world public opinion.

We do not propose a classical war involving the armies of Muslim countries nor do we propose throwing immigrant Jews into the sea, and of course not the arbitration of the UN or other international organizations.

Iran's suggestion is that all Palestinians across the world take part in a referendum to determine their fate...."


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