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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
Wall Street Protests in Winter by: Gemma



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When is the US Government going to stop deceiving Americans? by: Gemma

An American academic (University of Wisconsin Professor James Fetzer):

US government has refined the art of deceiving the American people with "fabricated reasons" for "going to war with nations that pose no threat" to them. On the contrary, Iran has been a peaceful nation that never initiated attacks on other countries."

Yet "the situation is completely absurd," he said, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) report accusing Iran of developing nuclear weapons, while Israel has "a vast stock of nuclear weapons" and has "refused to allow inspections."

(*** Iran has strongly dismissed the report as "unbalanced, unprofessional and prepared with political motivation and under political pressure mostly by the United States." )


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Iran will respond with steel fist if hit by: Gemma

In a graduation ceremony at a Military Academy, Iran's Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces said: "America('s Government) and the Zionist regime should know that the Iranian nation will not attack other countries. At the same time, the Iranian nation will not tolerate the threats of the material powers", he streesed that "any kind of invasion and threat will be met with a crushing response from the Iranian nation."
Imam Khamenei reiterated: "If the idea of invasion against the Islamic Republic of Iran crosses anybody's mind, they must be ready to receive firm slaps and fists of steel from the Revolutionary Guards, the Army and Basij, and in one word from the great Iranian nation."




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When are the Americans going to rise up against the zionists? by: Gemma

Maybe it's strange for some Americans to hear that right now, but be Sure it will happen in the near future..., when Americans become Fully awake....

As Mr.Ahmadinejad said in his recent interview with (English) Aljazeerah,: "The US is such a big country, why should it be like that [like a slave for the zionists?] who are not more than 10000.... (Remember not all jews are the zionists....)


*** That is why OWS movement in America is welcomed by many people of the world because it's the beginning of American Awakening and will end up serious demonstrations against the US Government and especially the zionist Regime.... Those who can't believe it have to wait for a while and see....

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A childish decision: the US Government's silly threats against Iran by: Gemma



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IAEA political tool in US Government's hands by: Gemma

'CIA dictated new IAEA report on Iran'

'Amano's Iran report ordered by West'

Mr.Ahmadinejad: IAEA gets orders from US




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UNESCO membership Palestine victory by: Gemma


More information:



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Imam Khamenei: "the US (Government) principal terrorist in world" by: Gemma

Today, in an address to thousands of Iranian students, Iran's Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei warned against various US-led plots against the Iranian nation, reiterating that the United States is the principal terrorist in the world.
He said: "We have one hundred pieces of unquestionable evidence, which reveal the US (Government's) role in directing terrorists to carry out acts of terror in Iran and the region; Iran will bring shame to the US (Government), advocates of terrorism and the so-called defenders of human rights by presenting the evidence.

He pointed to different plots by arrogant powers led by the US and the “Zionism” against the Iranian nation and emphasized that Iran has always achieved success in the face of US defeats.

Imam Khamenei said: The enemy is worried about the spread of a solid Iran-initiated new political thought, dubbed the religious democracy. This is the reason that the US government has made efforts to create a ridiculous scenario to accuse Iran of an imprudent and absurd terrorist act in the throes of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. However, every wise and prudent individual in the world has dismissed the ridiculous scenario. The US government sought to undermine the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement and exert pressure on the Islamic Republic through such an anti-Iran scenario. The US (Government) seeks to charge the Iranian officials with terrorism, but it remains the principle terrorist in the world. Washington has suffered humiliating defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and has no way but to leave the two countries as it faced a defeat in North Africa as well.

Imam Khamenei further spoke of the US failed attempts in keeping despotic rulers in power for decades in the Middle East and North Africa, including in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and noted that the US (Government) and the West played a two-faced role in these countries.

He also stated that: "The protests of Americans and 80 countries against the liberal democratic system show the defeat of the Western capitalist system. The US and its Western allies may suppress the uprisings, but “this flame cannot be distinguished".


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The story of 99% and 1% in America by: Gemma








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The power of Islamic Awakening by: Gemma






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The whole story of NATO's role in Libya by: Gemma

 NATO confirms strike hit wrong target!!!!!!!!!!!!!, killing Libyan civilians


 Obviously the flag is the symbol of the US Government, not the people....



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