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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
A good excuse named Bin Laden by: Gemma

America's excuse for occupying Afghanistan and Iraq was Al-Qaeda and their boss: Bin Laden. This excuse was based on a fake story about september 11, made by the US government to occupy some countries. The fact is that they wanted a good reason to attack afghanistan and some other countries, so they made this redeculous story of establishing peace and security, etc. Now after about 10 years, they claim that they have killed Bin Laden (Although they had claimed it several times before). They themselves anounced it and there is no evidence to make sure they are telling the truth or not....

It seems that the fact is: they didn't kill him; he died of disease some time before US raid....

As Mr.Ahmadinejad says (the concept, not the exact words): We don't believe the whole America's sayings about killing Bin Laden. Whether what The US claims is true or false, one thing is obvious: (Apparently) we are not gonna see a person named Bin Laden in political issues from this time on. This means that the US government is gonna use some new policies in the middle east. Now that you (the US government) say you killed him (at least you yourself believe it), it's time to leave the middle east. Thank you very much! Security was completely established!!! Thank you for killing about one million people.... Now that you have succeeded, leave our region.  

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