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Ahmadinejad's popularity in Iran by: Gemma

The Iranian government is the best in the world; and Dr.Ahmadinejad is one of the most popular presidents nowadays. He considers justice as his primary duty and most Iranian people really want him to be the president. He often goes to different provinces of Iran to be aware of the problems and talk to people face to face and do everything to improve the area's condition as much as he can; and always large crowd of population welcome him. He is very successful in his position and always concentrates on doing his best to Iranian people.


The Banner's translation: "I've just come to say Good Job"


Pictures below are related to one of Mr.Ahmadinejad's trips to Ardabil and Azarbaijan (Tabriz), and this is the way faithful Azari people welcomed him:



See the rest of pics here:




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