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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
Some examples of propaganda against Iran; and Dr.Ahmadinejad's response to them by: Gemma

Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran is gonna build Nukes!!!

Dr.Ahmadinejad: We have announced that we do not want (nuclear) bombs and also declared that if we want (bombs), we have no fear of anyone to state. Iran has repeatedly announced that it has no intention to build atomic weapons.

In addition, the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) has conducted numerous inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, but has never found any evidence indicating that Iran's civilian nuclear program has been diverted towards military purposes.


Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran is a threat to regional and European countries!!! (Actually such terribly false news always makes me wonder whether to laugh or to be surprised!)

Dr.Ahmadinejad dismissed such claims saying accusations leveled against the country that it seeks to hit Russia or Europe with missiles are sheer lies. “We do not need that and are friend with Russia,” he pointed out.


Propaganda spread by Iran's enemies: Iran may want to attack that cancer-like regime (I don't even want to mention its name)....

 It's true that Mr.Ahmadinejad (and all Iranians) keep saying "Israel must vanish from the page of time". But unllike what some people around the world may think, Iran is not gonna attack Israelسبز (at least, things are not gonna be the way they think). Mr.Ahmadinejad has announced that it doesn't mean we are gonna invade there, but the situation in the region is going forward wiping Israel off from the map. People of the world are becoming awake and Israelسبز has no more chance to deforce more countries and continue the previous oppressions to the other countries. Mr.Ahmadinejad (like the other Muslims) IS SURE that the time for annihilation of Israel is so near....

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