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      IRAN FACTS (Ignore propaganda against Iran)
When are the Americans going to rise up against the zionists? by: Gemma

Maybe it's strange for some Americans to hear that right now, but be Sure it will happen in the near future..., when Americans become Fully awake....

As Mr.Ahmadinejad said in his recent interview with (English) Aljazeerah,: "The US is such a big country, why should it be like that [like a slave for the zionists?] who are not more than 10000.... (Remember not all jews are the zionists....)


*** That is why OWS movement in America is welcomed by many people of the world because it's the beginning of American Awakening and will end up serious demonstrations against the US Government and especially the zionist Regime.... Those who can't believe it have to wait for a while and see....

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