What does Mr.Ahmadinejad say about holocaust?

Some people around the world keep saying Mr.Ahmadinejad has said holocaust never happened. I wonder where they get such false information?! I have to say that he didn't say it exactly; Mr.Ahmadinejad's saying is: "1- If holocaust happened in Europe, why should Palestinians!!! become refugees? 2- why don't they even let the researchers to study and search about it and do researches to find the facts about holocaust?"

But it seems like these two simple questions have scared them a lot as they haven't answered them so far. What are they so afraid of?....

Iran's president says: "Zionism blocks research on the Holocaust. The zionists don't allow anyone to freely discuss the historical events that happened. What I am saying is let more research be done...."

He says: "There is a claim about the extent of the calamity. There are people who agree with it and people who disagree. Some totally deny and some completely agree with the whole given account. What we are saying is that an impartial group should be formed to conduct an independent study on the extent of the calamity."
He also says: "Western powers used the holocaust to oppress other nations...."

On several occasions, Mr.Ahmadinejad called for a historical research to find realities about the Holocaust. His remarks have sparked outrage among the Western powers, which labeled him as a holocaust denier.


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