Can't you see what is happening to women in Bahrain?

The situation for Bahraini women is so critical and dangerous, and nothing useful is being done by human-rights organizations against the anti-human actions happening in Bahrain.
“Women are being jailed in Bahrain because they want freedom and democracy.” said Nahed Mehros, a Syrian civil rights activist.

According to the Press TV correspondent, one Bahraini woman has died in captivity while tens of others remain detained in undisclosed locations. The women were either detained during anti-government protests or as they were carrying out their job duties. They even arrested Ayat Al-Qormezi, a 20 years old poet and student at the Faculty of Teachers, only because she recited a poem which criticized the government policy.... 


Where are so many organizations and conventions that claim supporting women? What are they doing? Maybe they are just responsible for some special cases in favor of western policies?! Where are your good slogans like: Human rights, democracy and freedom of speech? How can you be so irresponsible? Why the US government and the media in this country kept silent about terrible crimes happening in Bahrain, while sometimes for non-important things, they keep exagerating, trying to make it sound important? The fact is that the US goverment and its allies only think about their own benefits. Human rights and so on ain't important to them at all. The US government is doing everything to maintain the existance of zionist regime, but is not aware that the time for oppressing people has passed and a new middle east is being formed, by what has been learnt from 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. 

 Now I'm talking to those claimants of human rights all over the world who haven't become awake yet: I'm just wondering how can you be so irresponsible against so many crimes in Bahrain and what is being done to Bahraini women? How can you keep silent and not to even object about it? 

We can see demonstrations against the oppressors every day in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, and many Islamic societies. But they're not enough. Now it's time for all the people of the world to be awakened.

The least expectation from the people of the whole world (Asians, Europeans Americans, etc.) is to demonstrate against such oppressions and show their objections, not just be indifferent and stay silent while such anti-human actions are being done in Bahrain.

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