Facts about Syria's current situation

I'm writing this because I know some people in some countries are so affected by fake stories and propaganda spread by their countries' media.
The nature of developments in Syria is quite different from events in other regional countries like Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia.
In these countries, people want a real Islamic system and the uprisings are against dictatorship.... But in Syria, it's just a chaos directed by Syria's enemies and not the majority of people involved in it. You can see the hands of the US government and the zionist regime behind the so-called protests. They are attempting to incite trouble and disorder by making efforts to simulate in Syria the uprisings that took place in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya.
America's governemnt and the zionists are the enemy of Syria's government and does everything to reach their own benefits...Because Syria is the frontline state in the resistance against the 'Zionist regime.
So don't be deceived by what some media may say....

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