Iran's View: Use of nuclear weapons is Forbidden (Haram)

It sounds soooooooo rediculous to me when I hear some countries think Iran has (or even is thinking about using) nuclear bombs! I think those who say such stupid things themselves know that they are wrong, because using such weapons is totally illegal from Iranian government's view point and Iran has announced it several times. But the point is that Iran's enemies say such things to make people pay attention to a fake story about atomic bombs in Iran and therefore forget everything about the real users of such illegal weapons. The U.S government is the one that is accused for using atomic bombs before (nobody has forgotten it), and now is talking about Iran!!! (whose nuclear energy is 100 percent peaceful). This is the U.S government that should be tried in courts for using such bombs and killing so many innocent people in japan in world war II. Have they forgotten that? Obviously they plan to deceive some naive popele around the world (if there are any) by saying such rediculous things. But no wise person believe what they say....         picture source: ARRAYAH ARABIC NEWSPAPER

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