Iran's Supreme Leader: CIA, Mossad behind Iran killing

Iran's Supreme Leader has condemned the US and Israeli spy agencies, CIA and Mossad, for the recent assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist.

“This cowardly [act of] terror, whose perpetrators and plotters will never dare to confess to their dirty and hideous crime or accept responsibility for it, has been carried out by the planning or support of CIA and Mossad [spy] services, like all other crimes of the network of international state terrorism,”

The assassination attempt shows that “the global arrogance spearheaded by the US and Zionism has reached a deadlock in confrontation with the determined, devout, and progressive nation of Islamic Iran,” the leader added.

Imam Khamenei went on to say that Iran's rapid scientific progress is not dependent on individuals but is a “historic movement” and arises from the “invulnerable national resolve” of Iranians.

Insisting that the Iranian nation will continue on its path with determination, the leader pointed out that Iranians will not overlook the crime and never stop efforts to bring the perpetrators and those behind the assassination to justice.


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