Imam Khomeini's prediction about the collapse of the US (Governing System)

Imam Khomeini had predicted many happenings which happened soon..., some of the are:

  • Imam Khomeini's prediction of the fall of Communism: On January the 1st 1989, Imam Khomeini sent a letter to Gorbachev, who is the ex-leader of the Soviet Union, and predicted the fall of communism. On the 26th of December 1991, three years after this letter was written, the world witnessed the fall of communism.
  • His prediction of Iraq's invasion to Kuwait....
  • His prediction of Egyptian's revolution.... Here is a part of his historic call on Egyptians to rise against Mubarak: “I am hopeful that other countries will pay attention; will follow the Iranian nation. Egypt, do not be satisfied with your oppressive government.... Know that Islam is in danger in Egypt. It is obligatory for Egyptian men and women to rise and destroy this government.... This second president that has been forced on the nation [Hosni Mubarak] imagines that he will reign in Egypt as the other one [Anwar Sadat] did. Before he became president he announced his solidarity with Israel and America. He overlooked that the people threw his predecessor into hell; they will do the same to him. Egypt must know that if they rise as Iran rose they will be successful. The Egyptian nation should not fear martial law; should disregard it just as Iran broke the martial law and came into the streets. The Egyptian scholars should stand up and defend Islam.” 
  • His prediction of Islamic awakening in the region.
  • Imam Khomeini (and Imam Khamenei) had also predicted the end of the capitalist system which is now facing acute problems and falling apart (and soon will fully collapse....)

And many others.... All his predictions (actually they are not called prediction, he knew it clearly...) came true (as it was expected and is not strange), and now listen to his 2 other predictions which will happen soon, in the near future...:

  •  His prediction about the collapse of the United States(Governing System) from inside.
  • His prediction of Palestine's freedom and liberation of Quds from clutches of the Zionist regime.

Wait for these coming facts....


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