The old story of US continuous declarations of war on Iran

Be sure the US Government can do nothing to Iran. They just wanna talk about it, but themselves know that they can't invade Iran unleess they are in a hurry for their annihilation....
I wonder how some Americans believe such sayings. Maybe because they have experienced many wars with other countries and think maybe this time it's Iran's turn.... But the fact is Iran is a diffrernt country (not like the other ones the US Government invaded....)
As Iran's Supreme Leader said (to the US Government): "Any anti-Iran move would receive a strong response from Iran. If US authorities are harboring certain fantasies they should know that inappropriate moves, whether political or security in nature, will receive a decisive response from the Iranian nation...."


(Additional information: As much as I know, there will be a war between Iran and its enemies in the future, but not now....)


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