Awakening world-wide process

As it is said before: (, people's awakening is not limitted to the Middle Eat; it is going to reach to Europe and finally become world-wide.... What you can see in some European countries now, is just the beginnig of the story. It is going to become more extended and gradually turn to uprising against the zionists....


Demonstrations against the zionist regime and its oppressions is not new in the Middle-Eastern countries. The people of Middle East has become awake before...; now it's time for Europeans (and even Americans) to become awake to the facts and the world's main problem: the zionist regime. Maybe some people can't percieve it right now, but in the near future, you will see uprisings in Europe against zionists and their governments which are like a slave for this cancer-like regime....


Awakening process:

- Iran (Islamic revolution in 1979)

- Tunisia, Egypt

- Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, etc.

- Europe



 And finally:


 Be Sure about it....


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