Iran's anti-terrorism conference

There was a two-day International Conference in Tehran recently and one of the main issues in this conferece was an important one: To introduce real meaning of terrorism and real terrorists of the world....
I myself wonder how some people in some countries are so affected by some kinds of sayings which are trying to show everything upside-down; It's obvious who is the real terrorist (The zionist regime and the US government), but how they have made this obvious issue so convoluted for some people that some naive people (which are not many) think these real terrorists are against terrorism (Just look at so many terrors they have done around the world so far).... How somebody can be so naive to beileve their rediculous claims...?

'Blind terrorism begotten by US, UK'

Leader: US intl. status weakening

Ahmadinejad calls US bluff on counter-terrorism

the US government is searching for the terrorists!!!


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