Wall Street protests and "Human Rights"!

After learning about what the US Government means by "Human Rights" in foreign policies, these days you can see "Human Rights" and "Freedom of Speech" inside America:



 pics' source: presstv.ir

And many other worse pictures I couldn't put here because I became very angry seeing them.... Aren't they Humans?! I knew the American police doesn't care about Human Dignity (and I always felt sorry and worried about those who are in prisons in America) but I had never seen it before....

The police is using too much violence and should be ashamed of the way they traet to the protesters.... Even if they were bad people, they are Humans. Don't they know anything about Human Rights?!!!

Where is "Freedom of Speech"?.... If Americans demonstrate against the government, the police can use violence and arrest the protesters.... But if it happens in some other countries (even if it's not as bad as what the police is doing in America), the US government's shout on "Human Rights" deafens the ear of the world....



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