Iran's Conference on Palestinian Intifada

Palestinians are not searching for somewhere to live, they want their OWN country which is their clear right.


The 5th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada has opened in the Iranian capital of Tehran, aiming to call enough attention to the issue of Palestine. The conference has chosen “Palestine, Homeland of Palestinians” as its motto.

During his speech, Supreme Leader of Iran strongly criticized US President Barack Obama for setting Israel's security as his red line, and said (the concept, not the exact words): "The US president says that Israel's security is his red line. Be aware that what has drawn this red line is not the interests of the American nation, it's Obama's need for the money and support of Zionist companies to secure his second term as the US president.

Be sure this red line drawn by Obama and people like him will be crossed by Muslim nations that have risen up...."

He rejected any plan seeking to split Palestine and called for the liberation of ALL lands belonging to Palestinians. He added any plan has to be based on the principle of "the whole Palestine for all Palestinians."

He also said "Iran's proposal for the resolution of the Palestinian issue was a “clear and logical plan and in accordance with the political conventions accepted by world public opinion.

We do not propose a classical war involving the armies of Muslim countries nor do we propose throwing immigrant Jews into the sea, and of course not the arbitration of the UN or other international organizations.

Iran's suggestion is that all Palestinians across the world take part in a referendum to determine their fate...."


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