Why didn't NATO forces want Gaddafi alive

Why would they want him dead?
To the NATO forces, a dead Gaddafi would be better than a living one indeed.
Libyans liked Gaddafi to be arrested alive to be tried in court to answer many questions about oppressions he has done during the past 42 years [As much as I know, some Libyan revolutionaries themselves said in some interviews that they wanted Gaddafi to be arrested alive... (like people of Egypt and Tunisia who wanted the dictators to be tried in courts...) unless they have changed their mind about it!....] But what would be bad for NATO members if it happned?
It seems like the fact is Gaddafi could reveal many things about them they didn't like their own people to be aware of.... (like many ties and good realtions they had with Gaddafi and many other more important things they had done before playing the role of a kind mother to the Libyan people....) Both things they did (supporting Gaddafi before and so-called supporting the revolutionaries now) were for one single goal: Libya's Oil....

Revolutionaries should be so careful of their revolution not to be confiscated by those who has done (and continue to do) anything to have Libya's Oil....


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