Shame on you about what is happening to Bahraini women

What is happening to women in Bahrain is intolerable. Saudi-backed forces in Bahrain attack homes, assault women and desecrate them after killing their husbands. When they do such things with women at their own homes, how worse can be the condition of women in prisons....

Why anybody doesn't do anything?! Where are Human Rights organizations? What is the UN Security Council doing?

Bahrain is a good example of fake claims of Human Rights claimants. Barain is a good example of western Discriminatory approach to Human Rights issue.

Shame on Saudi Arabia' monarch. Shame on Bahrain's government. Shame on the US government that is supporting such crimes in Bahrain by keeping silent and showing agreement to Saudi Arabia's government. Everybody knows that Saudi Arabia's king does nothing without the permission of the US government. Sheme on them all and shame on those who are aware of what is being done to Bahraini people and are indifferent, and kept silent, doing nothing.    

I know the news about Bahrain are censored in many European and American countries; the media kept silent about what is being done to the oppressed people in Bahain; maybe if the europeans and Americans knew about it, they couldn't remain silent and would demonstrat against their proft seeking governments. 

Most Bahraini people are one of the best group of people of the world (God really likes them) and also the most oppressed one, for the time being. I hope Bahrain's goverment will be annihilated soon. Because the situation in tgis country and specially the women's condition  is really critical.

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So you're approach is IGNORE propaganda about Iran, and SPREAD PROPAGANDA about Bahrain?