submission of Western leaders to Zionism is the main problem of western nations

'Saudi plot, diversion from US protests':

The Supreme Leader of Iran: "The US had created the recent hype (Washington's accusations regarding Iran's alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador, with help from a suspected member of a Mexican drug cartel) to overshadow the spread of the Occupy Wall Street protests in its cities. The people of at least 80 countries have supported this advancing movement, and this is very bitter and difficult for US authorities".

Occupy Wall Street Movement will not stop:

AyatollahKhamenei also touched upon US efforts to crackdown on the protests, saying, “They (the US administration) might suppress the movement with [the aid of] police forces and the army, but it will not be over.”

The End of Capitalism in the west:

The Leader said the real source of the problems of Western nations is the submission of Western leaders to Zionism. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said the day that Western nations realize this Zionist influence, “the flames of their wrath will scorch the arrogant [powers'] capitalism and turn it to ash.”


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