When are the Americans going to become awake?

A big wave of awakening has been started in the world and new season of awareness has commenced. This is not something that can be stopped by the world oppressors; this is a different movement, a world wide awakening. First in Egypt, after that in Tunisia, and then in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya you can see a serious wave of objections against their governments submitted to oppressor regimes like the zionists for a long time. This is not just for the Middle East; it's like a domino game. When it is started, it's not gonna be stopped until the end of the story. Following effects will come one after another and you can see the result soon. Just wait for a while and see how European nations will start a new season of demonstrations against their dictator and profit-seeking governments, following the Islamic awakening in the Middle East: http://forthetimebeing.persianblog.ir/post/15/ (Although it has been started recently:


Not only in Spain, but also in Greece and France....

This is still the beginning of European Awakening.... Wait for more in the near future.... Be sure about it….)

I hope the Americans will become awakened soon; because they have the government deserving so many objections (in foreign policies). Just naive people or selfish ones may be indifferent in such a situation. Can't you really see what's your government doing to other countries, or just don't want to know? You as a human are responsible for the other people of the world, and the degree of you caring about them, shows your degree of humanity.

(Rising up against dictators commenced from 1979 by Islamic revolution in Iran. They became awake at that time and made a revolution to have the Islamic system they already have in Iran. Now it's your turn to rise up against dictators and continue this Domino, like the other countries learning from Iranian revolution).

Americans had better distinguish themselves from their government. (As when we are talking about bad policies of the US, we mean the government, not the people. And we expect the people of America to say the same things as we do).

You Americans, as human beings, should detest oppression and it's not acceptable to stay indifferent when you hear about what your government is doing to some other countries. This is your government and doesn't have the right to act against your wishes. This is your duty to dictate the government what is good and what is bad to do (as many nations consider this as their main duty and always watching their government’s actions carefully and react when needed).

No matter what time exactly, the awakening will reach even to America soon and will become world wide, Just wait for at most some years and see....

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